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Is a Printed Dyson DC05 Workshop Manual Available?

No it isn't. Nobody ever wrote a commercially available one. However, all is not lost. You can get the original user guide (which is only an instruction manual) from here: Dyson Instruction Manuals. That will tell you the basic stuff about filters and routine maintenance.


What Workshop Information is Available?

We can point you towards some free resources where you can learn all you need to know about your Dyson DC05 cylinder vacuum cleaner.


Important Dyson DC05 Motorhead Information

The lavender Motorhead models (and a handful of others) were fitted with the woeful SDS1204SD Panasonic motor instead of the usual YDK (YV) motors fitted to most of them. We are now seeing many of these Panasonic motors failing.


Most Dyson spares suppliers are not able to source the old Panasonic SDS1204SD motor any more. Dyson UK will not sell you one, and don’t even bother asking Panasonic. You will spend many internet hours 'not' finding one.


But, before you throw that old Dyson DC05 in the bin, there is another way to solve this problem (even in Australia). You retrofit a Dyson DC05 YDK motor instead. “It’s not possible – they are completely different!” the so-called Dyson “engineers” will howl. Yeah well, it is totally possible. And we are going to point you to the place that shows you how to do it. Check out this forum topic: Dyson DC05 SDS1204SD Panasonic Motor.


Spare Parts & Known Faults

A weak point on the Dyson DC05 vacuum cleaner is where the plastic handle connects to the telescopic wand. The handle is a "banana" shape. They tend to break. Thankfully, new after-market ones are available way cheaper than genuine ones. Click >>here<< to grab yourself one. In fact, use that link for any and all Dyson DC05 spares.


Dyson DC05 Motor Replacement

If you need to access the motor, the Dyson Medic >>Dyson DC05 Motor Change<< guide will show how to do it.


Most of you - if you have a non-Motorhead machine - will have a yellow and grey or a green and grey machine that is fitted with the standard YDK (labelled YV and some numbers) motor fitted. They are readily available on the after-market (although, avoid eBay cheapo Chinese-made ones that last a fortnight). You can get a proper one (that lasts much longer than a fortnight) from >>here<<


If you still need more Dyson DC05 service and repair information, check out the unofficial Dyson discussion forums. Go straight to the Dyson DC05 room by clicking this link: >>Dyson DC05 Repair Advice<<. You can chat with others about your Dyson DC05 there and get free advice. It costs you nothing to join the forum and they have all the exploded drawings and schematics viewable to members too.