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Is a Printed Dyson DC04 Workshop Manual Available?

No it isn't. Nobody ever wrote a commercially available DC04 one yet. However, all is by no means lost. You can get the original user guide (which is only an instruction manual) from here: Dyson Instruction Manuals. That will tell you the basic stuff about filters and routine maintenance.


What Workshop Information is Available?

Almost all the DC04 service information you will ever need is accessible from this page. The DC04 has been around for many years and there is a lot of information out there for it.


We can point you towards some free resources where you can learn all you need to know about the Dyson DC04 vacuum cleaner.


They are not rocket science to fix as long as you have some proper tools. Models with a clutch are ALWAYS easier to work on if you have a belt removal tool. The switch is easier to access with a proper switch tool, and you can't take it apart without a T15 Torx screwdriver with a minimum 100mm shaft. If you need a proper Dyson tool kit, take a read of this article on the Dyson Medic blog: >>Dyson Trade Tool Set<<.


Dyson DC04 Switch Access

Access to the mains flex and switch on this model is one job many people make a mess of. The guide written on Dyson Medic will show how to access this in the >>DC04 Mains Cable<< guide.


Dyson DC04: Lack of Suction

Lack of suction can usually be fixed by washing the pre-motor filter in the top of the cyclone unit. The >>DC04 Filter Service<< guide on Dyson Medic will show you how to remove and clean the filters.


There is also a "how to" video on the Dyson medic Blog here: >>Dyson DC04: How to empty the bin. How to clean the filter.<<.


Dyson DC04: Not Standing Up

Sometimes, a Dyson DC04 wont stand upright. It's simple to fix and takes seconds. The >>DC04 Not Standing Up<< guide on Dyson Medic shows you how.


Again, on the Dyson medic Blog, there is a helpful video on this contained within this article: >>Dyson DC04 Wont Stand Upright<<.


Dyson DC04: Changing the Belts

A belt change can sometimes help if the vacuum is struggling to pick up dirt from carpets. The >>DC04 Belt Change<< guide shows you how it's done.


If your brushroll wont turn, check out this article: >>The Brush Roll Won’t Turn – Dyson DC04<<.


If your machine has a clutch, and you want to get at the belts and clutch, you need to read this article: >>Dyson Belt & Brush Bar Removal Tool for the DC04<<.


Want to change the clutch belts? Don't be ripped off for £10+ or let Dyson UK charge you £73. Read this article on the Dyson Medic blog first: >>Where to Buy Dyson Clutch Belts<<.


Dyson DC04: Motor Replacement

If you suspect the motor has burnt out, the DC04 Motor Swap guide at Dyson Medic shows how to strip the vacuum and replace the motor.


There are two types of motor fitted to Dyson DC04's. Before you dash online and buy one, read this article: >>Replacing a Dyson DC04 Motor (Ametek or YDK)<<.


Dyson DC04: Spare Parts Availability

Anything and everything is available new, used, genuine and after-market for the Dyson DC04. Do not pay inflated prices at the official Dyson site or sites like espares though. Avoid eBay too unless you want cheap and nasty stuff that might not even arrive. Here is our recommendation: >>Dyson DC04 Spare Parts<<.


If you still need more Dyson DC04 service and repair information, check out the unofficial Dyson discussion forums. Go straight to the Dyson DC04 room by clicking this link: >>Dyson DC04 Repair Advice<<. You can chat with others about your Dyson DC04 there and get free advice. It costs you nothing to join the forum and they have all the exploded drawings and schematics viewable to members too.