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Is a Printed Dyson DC03 Workshop Manual Available?

No it isn't. Nobody ever wrote a commercially available one. However, all is not lost. You can get the original user guide (which is only an instruction manual) from here: Dyson Instruction Manuals. That will tell you the basic stuff about filters and routine maintenance.


What Workshop Information is Available?

We can point you towards some free resources where you can learn all you need to know about this model of Dyson vacuum cleaner.


Unfortunately, there isn't that much service information available on the Dyson DC03. Check the quote box at the bottom of the page for the two information sites we recommend.


Dyson DC03 Information

Filters are quite expensive to replace and block quite readily. Washable filters introduced late on did help a little. The DC03 weighs 6.8 kilos, which is lighter than a DC04 or DC07 (which are both over 8 kilos) but still heavier than the tiny DC24 Ball which weighs in at 5.4 kilos.


The DC03 had a smaller motor than most other upright Dysons, and produced only 90 Air Watts of suction against the 230-300 generated by its later cousins. The modest two litre bin capacity coupled with the lower suction means it tends to be older people without heavy duty vacuuming needs who have them today.


The DC03 does have several advantages though. It is a slimline model; it doesn't take up much space. Also, when reclined, it can go absolutely flat making vacuuming under beds and furniture much easier. However, it's pièce de résistance is that it can be stored, in it's reclined "flat" position, upside down on the back of a door hung on two hooks. How cool is that? Why has nobody done that since? More to the point: Why haven't Dyson?


The Dyson DC03 Spare Parts Situation

New DC03 parts from Dyson can cost an arm and a leg. Dyson will charge you an eye-watering £29.48 for a HEPA filter and £10 for a brush tool for example. However, there are other options. Try here instead: >>Dyson DC03 Spare Parts<<.


We have no further DC03 guides on this site, but on the Dyson Medic blog, there is a comprehensive switch removal and cable replacement guide you can find here: >>DC03 Cable and Switch Replacement<<. The Dyson forums also has a room devoted to the Dyson DC03 where you can read and ask advice. You can find that here: >>Dyson DC03 Advice<<.