Is a Printed Dyson DC02 Workshop Manual Available?

No it isn't. Nobody ever wrote a commercially available one. However, all is not lost. You can get the original user guide (which is only an instruction manual) from here: >>Dyson Instruction Manuals<<. That will tell you the basic stuff about filters and routine maintenance.


What Workshop Information is Available?

We can point you towards some free resources where you can learn all you need to know about this model of Dyson vacuum cleaner.


Dyson DC02 Motor Swap Information

A common repair on the DC02 is the motor. This machine is now as old as the hills and DC02 motors are now unavailable anywhere (apart from maybe used from a Dyson dismantler), but if you really want to repair your Dyson DC02 motor, you can shoehorn a YDK DC05 motor in there if you are capable of tinkering with the wiring a bit. Get one from >>here<<.


You can learn how to strip down your Dyson DC02 with this illustrated guide on the Dyson medic site: >>Dyson DC02 Strip Down<<.


Dyson DC02 Cable Rewind Information

The other likely repair you are likely to face is the cable rewind. They are also unavailable new any more, but occasionally, you can dig out a good second hand one. If you can find one - and good luck with that - how to change it is covered in the Dyson Medic guide here: >>DC02 Cable Rewind Repair<<.


There is a further article on the DC02 cable rewind here: >>Dyson DC02 Cable Rewind Mechanism<<.


The Spare Parts Situation

Dyson pulled the plug on these machines in 2011 by stopping all service support and parts supply for them. Call Dyson about your Dyson DC02 now and they will just try to sell you a new ball. There is an article on the spare parts situation here: >>The Slow Demise of the DC01 and the DC02<<.


If you are looking for spare parts, you can try here: >>Dyson DC02 Spare Parts<<.