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Dyson Ball Information

The Dyson "Ball" range comprise of the models DC15, DC18, DC24, DC25, DC40 and DC41.


The DC40 and DC41 are likely still under Dyson warranty so Dyson will fix them for free - without quibble - when they go wrong.


The older Dyson DC15, DC18, DC24 and DC25 are often out of warranty now, so repairs are either a DIY fix or a Dyson 'service' at 73+.


What Workshop Information is Available?

Very little actually right now. We can point you towards some resources where you can learn some repair stuff about Dyson ball vacuum cleaners though.


Do They Have Any Known Faults?

Yes they do. The small 5.4 kilo Dyson DC24 especially. They are known to have a fault with the cleaner head. The brush bar motor typically fails. Many even fail while under warranty. Dyson have spent a LOT of money replacing these under warranty and have already revised the design of the drive cog and brush roll mid production.


The DC24 brush bar motor is made by a British company called "Johnson" for Dyson. Amazingly, despite the motor being totally pants and not even fit for purpose, Dyson have stuck with this company and they just quietly replace thousands of them under warranty. For those of you out of warranty (or with no receipt), you must replace them yourself at your own expense. Sit down now: They are only available via dealers who can source (directly or indirectly) from Dyson, and typically cost around 40-45 including delivery from after-market suppliers (Dyson or Johnson won't sell you one directly - cute huh?).


Thankfully, there is a "how to fix it" (not produced by Dyson) tutorial video you can watch here:



There is a follow up article here: >>How to Replace the Brush Bar Motor on a Dyson DC24<<.


You can buy a brush bar motor from here: >>Dyson DC24 Spare Parts<<.


But before you do, you must check the "reset" button. That sometimes fires the brush bar motor back to life. You will find how to do that in your user manual. If you don't have one of those, you can get one for free from here: >>Dyson DC24 Instruction Operating User Manual<<.


Any other Dyson Ball Problems?

Well, yes. The DC18 has a design fault on the undercarriage. There is a little tiny plastic lug that snaps off if you are too heavy-footed with the red pedal at the back. Of course, you can't buy the part that actually broke on its own - you must buy a full undercarriage. If your Dyson DC18 doesn't stand up, it needs an undercarriage. The part number is 912376-01 and they retail at 38.07 - so that is likely almost 45 with postage from an after-market supplier.


The DC15 can have a few problems with the PCB and the brush bar motor. More usually it is the wiring that has broken up between the two. It is very thin - like telephone wire. Replace it with something thicker.


The DC25 isnt too bad. Yes, it also suffers fron brushbar motor problems (Johnson again - will Dyson never learn?), and you can't even buy a motor on its own for the DC25. You must buy a whole cleaner head! That will cost you a sliver below eighty quid from one of the cheaper suppliers >>here<<. Cute huh? There is an article about this you can read >>All About the DC25 Brush Bar Motor<<.


The DC40 and DC41 are still quite new at the time of writing. Any problems with those machines will be corrected under warranty. We haven't seen one in bits yet (Dyson didn't send us one - I wonder why?).


If you still need more Dyson Ball service and repair information, check out the unofficial Dyson discussion forums. Go straight to the Dyson Ball room by clicking this link: >>Dyson Ball Repair Advice<<. You can chat with others about your Dyson Ball there and get free advice. It costs you nothing to join the forum and they have all the exploded drawings and schematics viewable to members too.