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Welcome to Dyson Repair Manuals. Our aim is to point you toward the information you need to service and repair your own Dyson vacuum cleaner.

If a service and repair manual doesnt exist for your Dyson model, then we will point you in the direction of trusted resources that will help you do a DIY repair to your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Please choose your Dyson model at the top and go to the specific page covering your Dyson vacuum cleaner. If you are not sure of the model number, take a look around your machine. It will likely be written on it somewhere. If you are still totally in the dark as to what model you have, the video below will take you on a canter through the model range.

If you have a Dyson DC17, DC27, DC28, DC33 or one of the hand-held Dysons, there are no manuals yet available for your machine. Try the Dyson forums in the banner to your top left and ask about your specific fault there.

It's important to know your model number when seeking repair information and especially when sourcing spare parts. All Dyson vacuum cleaner model numbers start with the letters "DC" followed by a number between 1 and 41. Many people say their model is an 'animal' or a 'dual cyclone' or a 'root cyclone'. Those are not model numbers; those are specifications that can apply to different models. The video above will help you identify your model of Dyson.

If you are looking for Dyson original user manuals (instruction manuals), and not a workshop repair manual, you can find ones for all the Dyson range here: Free Dyson Operating Instructions

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DIY Dyson Vacuum Repairs and Service

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